APMG-International Change Management™


Change is inevitable. For many organisations change can become a regular occurrence. Accordingly, dealing with change and, more significantly, the impact of change, is a high priority for organisations. It is therefore important that individuals have the opportunity to develop their capabilities to deal with change before, during and after it occurs.

Our Change Management qualifications are designed to help organisations and their people manage the impact of change. Supporting training courses focus on the theories of how change affects, and is affected by, individuals, teams, organisations and change leaders, helping individuals and organisations:-

  • Unlock resistance to change
  • Enable teams to work effectively to deal with and embrace change
  • Speed up the implementation of change initiatives.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at individuals who are involved in change programmes or organisations going through change, who require a working knowledge of the key principles of change management, and who need to know the terminology used and some of the theory behind the practice. It is also relevant to other key staff involved in the design, development and delivery of change programmes.


Pre-course material is dispatched to learners 3 weeks prior to course commencement date. It is recommended that learners spend at least 40 Hrs of preparation on these materials to familiarize themselves with the content before attending the course.

Course Delivery

This 5 Day course is delivered in class by an accredited Trainer with practical and proven knowledge and experience in Change Management, using a combination of visual slides, course handouts, references and exercises.

Assessment Criteria

Foundation Level Qualification

  • A closed book exam
  • Multiple-choice • 60 questions
  • 1 hour Duration
  • Pass mark is 30 (50%) Prerequisite for the Practitioner exam


Practitioner Level Qualification

  • An open book exam (Manual Only)
  • 4 questions • 80 marks
  • 3 hours duration
  • Pass mark 40/80 (50%)

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the facts, including concepts, terms, principles, model types, approaches and roles
  • Understand the concepts, principles, model types, approaches and roles
  • Be able to apply particular models or approaches relating to the syllabus area to a given scenario. (By implication this must include how a model or approach should not be used.)
  • Be able to analyse and distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate use of particular approaches and models within the context of a scenario

The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook

It takes a practical approach to the subject as it covers all aspects of change management theory and practice.

Study Options

The Change Management course is delivered over 4.5 days and comprises the Foundation Level qualification, delivered over 3 days, and the Practitioner Level qualification delivered over 1.5 days.

Study options include:

  • In-house classroom based learning
  • Public classroom based learning


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