End User Computing

An “end-user” is a person who uses or is intended to use a software product on a day-to-day basis. uA ‘user’ creates a product, most end-users typically don’t have the same level of technical understanding to make full use of a product. End user computing is  a “broad introduction to the use of computers as tools for creativity, communications and organizing information

Key features of End User Computing

Word Processing

Format document and enhance a document through the use of tables and columns

Power Point Presentation

Prepare and produce a presentation according to given brief and enhance presentation appearance


Create and edit Spreadsheets and enhance the functionality and apply graph/charts to a Spreadsheets

Using Electronic Mail

Use electronic mail to send and receive messages

Using the Internet

Use computer technology to research a computer topic

Basic PC and IT concepts

Principles of computer networks & computer architecture concepts Database

Working with simple databases

Who will benefit in End User Computing?

The course will enable the learner who uses the  computers on a day to day basis:

  To work with computer applications, Identify hardware and software components Develop keyboard and mouse skills.

How will you benefit End User Computing

Learn and use the basic concepts of Information Technology. Manage files and folders using Windows. Create, edit, format, save and print files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint etc.). Perform calculations and charts using Spreadsheets. Create presentation slides using PowerPoint Presentation. Be able to communicate using e-mail. To surf the Web using Internet Explorer.